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Thermostat Installations

It's 2021, which means the same way we used to do things is changing rapidly - one of which being your home thermostat. If you're tired of faulty displays, inefficient energy usage, and always having to mess with the thermostat - then a smart thermostat might be perfect for you.

 Why should you order an install of a smart thermostat? A few reasons include:




Completely personalize your home's environment with a smart thermostat and never have to worry about resetting it again.


Tired of the outrageous energy bills? Smart thermostats can help make your home more energy efficient (aka - saving you money)!


Do everything with your smart phone with a smart thermostat and don't worry if you left the a/c on after you left the house again! 





Installations, Setup, & Advice

With home automation becoming so popular with homeowners and business owners, you may be wondering, how can you upgrade your place? One of the best ways to add convenience and functionality to your heating and cooling system is with a smart thermostat installation.

These top-of-the-line thermostats allow you to control your temperature down to the degree, while also giving you the convenience of control through an app. Whether you’re going with a wireless thermostat, traditional unit, or simply want some advice on what’s best for your home, you can count on our staff to help!





Repairs & Troubleshooting

Every now and then, your smart thermostat is going to require repairs. When it does, you can count on WesTexAir for your smart thermostat repair services. Our experts will work quickly to repair and recalibrate your thermostat to restore your comfort in as little time as possible.

Of course, the best way to prevent repairs in the first place is by scheduling smart thermostat maintenance on a regular basis. During your maintenance visit, our technicians will inspect your system to ensure that everything is running as smoothly as possible and answer any questions you may have about your device.